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Stacking multiple filters together to fill the space for a thicker filter is mistake that can cause damage to heating equipment and make air conditioners ice up. At the very least it will increase operating costs, reduce efficiency and could easily result expensive repairs.


Blower motors do sometimes catch fire and although it is not a common problem it is certainly something to be aware of. This article discusses some of the things that can contribute to this problem and helps to illustrate why maintenance is important for any HVAC system.

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Hog hair filters are often included with furnaces as part of the purchase but they can often be easily upgraded to a more efficient filter which will help improve the air quality in your home.


Unfortunately, hvac equipment often requires odd sized filters and they can be difficult to find. Some suppliers will make sizes to meet most needs and here we discuss some of the reasons to use these filters and where to get them.


Noisy air filters are a very common problem for home owners. Solutions can be costly but there are some simple things you should try first.


Are you finding pleated air filters cause your air conditioner to ice up or you have to change them too often? Media filter pads may solve your problem because they have a much greater dust holding capacity.


Managing allergies is often more involved than just relying on allergy medications. Upgrade the filter in your heating or air conditioning system and reduce the need for medicated relief.