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Ok, so what's the deal with Filtrete and their MPR rating system and why don't they just use the standard MERV rating system that most of us are familiar with and which is also the industry standard. Are they trying to stand out from the crowd or intentionally create confusion? It would make things so much Read More


MPR is an acronym which stands for Micro-particle Performance Rating and is the system used by 3M, the manufacturer of Filtrete filters, to rate their filters. The scale begins at 300 which is the lowest rating and goes up to 2200 which is the highest rating on the scale. Like many manufacturers, they utilize electrostatic characteristics to enhance Read More


MERV is the rating method that we are most familiar with and it is the one most often used by filter manufacturers to promote their products. Our chart helps to illustrate where different filters rank on the MERV scale and will help you to determine which one is best suited for your needs.


Filter ratings can be very confusing and there are a variety of factors used to measure a filters performance. Becoming familiar with these ratings can help you to make an informed decision before your next purchase.