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UV air purifiers are commonly used in the duct systems of heating and air conditioning equipment. Although they do not filter the air, they do purify it by destroying organisms which is something that an air filter cannot do.


Electronic furnace filters are different from most other air filters because they use electricity to remove dust from the air. One of the biggest benefits of an electronic furnace filters design is that they create very little restriction to airflow. One of the potential problems of very efficient air filters is that they can sometimes Read More


Allergies keeping you up at night? Sometimes a bit of clever thinking can solve what seems to be a complex problem. Try this temporary solution to provide some temporary relief.


Here we look at some the symptoms of ozone exposure. Electronic air cleaners do create ozone but according to manufacturers the amount created is below acceptable levels and therefore they are safe. I believe this is probably true when equipment is operating properly and many people claim to be sensitive to ozone.

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Many people have allergy problems which require more than one method of air purification. Here we answer a question from one of our visitors regarding the use of uv air cleaners with the Trane CleanEffects air cleaner.


Electronic air cleaners are one of the most popular pieces of equipment used in residential heating and air conditioning equipment. Here we provide information about how they work and some of the ozone concerns that many people have.


Manufacturers always strive to improve there products and Trane is no exception. Here we look at one of their latest electronic air cleaning products. Be sure to read the great feedback on this product in the comments section and share your own thoughts.