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You Should Always Use A Filter In Your Air Conditioner

You Should Always Use A Filter In Your Air Conditioner
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Martha Asked:

When my furnace was last serviced, the technician said to NOT use a filter when running my AC. Now I hear otherwise. What’s recommended and why?

That’s not a normal recommendation and I would not follow his advice. There is only one reason that I can think of when a technician may recommend not to use a filter and that is if it is having a negative impact on air flow. If air flow in an air conditioning system is low the evaporator coil can ice up and when that happens you don’t get any cooling.

You should ask him why he made that recommendation and really you shouldn’t even have to ask. When a responsible technician finds a potential problem he will tell you what what the problem is, what possible impact it may have on your system and offer some solutions to fix it.

Without seeing your air conditioning system I can’t say for sure what your problem is but I would recommend that you contact another contractor or get more answers from that one.

If you don’t use a filter in your air conditioning system you will have problems later. The evaporator coil will get dirty and that will cause low air flow and the evaporator coil will ice up. That will mean another service call and the coil will have to be cleaned.

At the very least you should use a fiberglass type filter. You can get them at your local hardware store.

The video above shows what an iced up evaporator coil looks like.



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