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Can I use fiberglass air filters as pre-filters for my Trion Air Bear filter?

Can I use fiberglass air filters as pre-filters for my Trion Air Bear filter?
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I have a Trion Air Bear media filter installed close to my furnace in my basement.  I also have two Newfoundland dogs who shed like fiends.

I have found the expensive Trion media filters clog quickly (well before a year, more like a month) with fur. I wonder if it would make sense to install return air grille filters with cheap fibreglass filters as a sort of pre-filter to extend the life of my Trion Air Bear media filters?  It seems like this could help prevent pet fur from building up in my ducts. Do you see any problems with this?

Your Trion Air Bear filter probably has a MERV 11 rating. Furnace filters and air conditioner filters with high MERV ratings already restrict air flow so adding another filter has an even greater impact.

I typically don’t recommend using fibreglass filters because they do such a poor job and I am always cautious about using two media air filters together.

However, every filter has its use and fibreglass panel filters are great for your problem. Be very careful not to let them get too dirty because having two filters in a system can cause a number of problems. I would recommend changing them monthly at least and maybe more.

I would also recommend that you check the MERV rating of your Trion Air Bear filter. The rating should be marked on it. If the MERV rating is higher than 8 I would recommend changing it to a filter with a MERV 8 rating. These have less impact on air flow than the higher MERV filters and will still do an adequate job.

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