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How do you install a furnace filter?

How do you install a furnace filter?
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There are some common problems that home owners encounter when performing the common task of installing a new furnace filter or air conditioner filter for the first time.

Filters Mounted In Return Air Duct

It can be a bit intimidating if you have never done it before. After you perform this maintenance task the first time you quickly realize that it is not difficult to do.

Below are links to some articles that attempt to eliminate some of the most common obstacles often encountered when installing a new air filter for the first time.



Where is my furnace filter?

Return Air Filter In Return Grill

Where is my furnace filter?
Before you can change or inspect your furnace filter you have to know where it is located. Every air conditioning and heating system should have one and they can often be difficult to find. They are usually installed in the air handler but not always.


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  • j. grossma

    I accidentally put in space guard filter in the wrong way and now it won’t come out. Not sure if I should force it out and wreck the thing or what. any help.

  • DonaldT

    You should be able to remove it without doing any damage to it. If not, I probably wouldn’t worry too much about it. I would however not leave it in the system as long as normal. They perform best when installed properly. You may find that it begins to have a negative effect on air flow as it becomes dirty and you may have to change it sooner than normal.

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