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How to Install An Air Conditioner Filter

How to Install An Air Conditioner Filter
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A common question asked by home owners is how to install air conditioner filters. For those who are new to this task it can be a bit intimidating. So with some pictures and tips we will try to make it a bit less intimidating. Once you install your first air conditioner filter you quickly realize that there is not much to it. A more difficult question to answer is, how often should you change your hvac filter ?

Air conditioner filters are generally installed in the air handler behind a narrow access panel. This access panel may be secured in place using sliding clips that anchor the panel to the air handler housing, sheet metal screws, thumb screws or behind hinged access panels.

remove air conditioner filter

Remove the access panel, slide the dirty air filter out and install the new one. Unfortunately it is sometimes difficult to remove the filter because there is not enough room to get your fingers in to grab the filter. This problem can be easily resolved by adding a loop of duct tape to the frame of the new filter before you install it. This loop of tape will become a handle for you to grasp so you can easily pull the filter out when you want to replace it or check it.

If you can’t find the air conditioner filter in the air handler it may have been installed in the return duct of the system. In this case it could be almost anywhere. Look for narrow sheet metal panels in the return duct that may be hinged or slide into a track. You may find your air conditioner filter there.

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