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Using a 5 inch pleated filter in White Rodgers electro-air electronic air filter

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I currently have an electronic air filter, (electro-air) by White-Rodgers, and the power pack goes dead every 15 months or so.  It is getting costly to replace each time.  I am thinking about going to a cartridge type filter instead.  Can I do this, since the ductwork was set up for the electronic filter and is 6 1/4″ wide between the furnace and the air flow duct.

You can probably install a 5″ thick pleated filter into the unit.  Remove the electronic element and slide in the pleated filter. Measure the inside dimensions of the unit to ensure you get the right size filter.  You can order 5″ pleated filters here.

This would probably be the easiest fix.  You could also modify the unit and install a 2″ pleated filter.  You just need to make sure the filter is held in place properly.

You can get special order sizes here.

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