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Can We Really Trust MPR Filter Ratings

Can We Really Trust MPR Filter Ratings
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Ok, so what’s the deal with Filtrete and their MPR rating system and why don’t they just use the standard MERV rating system that most of us are familiar with and which is also the industry standard. Are they trying to stand out from the crowd or intentionally create confusion? It would make things so much easier for customers when comparing pleated filters. Instead they use a system that confuses people and makes it very difficult to make any kind of accurate comparison and instead of comparing apples to apples, it’s more like compare apples to oranges.

Now, before we get too far into this I should say that I have only used Filtrete filters a couple of times when I didn’t have access to the filters that I typically use and they did as good a job as any. I suspect they are as good as any other brand but I just have a problem with their rating system. Any time somebody is trying to sell me something and they don’t compare themselves to whatever that industry standard is, it raises question. For example, what are they trying to hide? If their product is so great then compare it to the best in the industry, using industry standards and prove it.

MPR Ratings vs MERV Ratings

Although I wasn’t able to find a chart created by the manufacturer I did collect some data from the web and created this chart to compare the two rating systems. The difference between the two rating systems is MPR measures .3 to 1 micron particles and MERV measures .3 to 10 micron particles.

MERV Rating 7 8 11 11 11 12 12 13 14 15 16
MPR Rating 300 600 1000 1200 1500 1900 2200 —- —- —- —-

Based on the information above the best Filtrete filter is only equivalent to a pleated filter with a MERV 12 rating which is acceptable for most people who have allergy concerns. If you require better filtration you should look at something with a higher MERV rating or a more specialized filtration or air purification system.

As with any high efficiency filter you should use an air filter change indicator to monitor pressure drop across the filter, as it becomes plugged with dirt it restricts air flow and will impact equipment performance and operating efficiency.

Hopefully this article doesn’t paint a negative picture of these filters because that is not the intent. As stated above I have used them and they performed well. I would recommend you try them yourself. I just hate “BS Baffles Brains” sales tactics.

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