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UV Sterilizers and Pleated Air Filters

UV Sterilizers and Pleated Air Filters
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You made an excellent Web site.  It is very informative and easy to UV Sterilizersunderstand. It is loaded with good information and excellent charts.  I just wanted to let you know that you did a first rate job.

I was recently told by the company that installed the HVAC system in my now 3 year old home, that it would cost $1800 to change the filters in my four air handlers.

There is one Lenox Pure Air, MERV 9, Media Filter, 17” X 26” X 4” (part # 75X74) in each unit.  The $1800 includes replacing the UV bulbs in each unit also, approximately 18, 10M13 UV lamps in total.

Also there is a filter-size, corrugated screen cartridge, behind the lamp units that says “do not wash”. I don’t know what the replacement status of these are. The air handlers are Lennox CBX32MV(3)and CBX32M (1) units, a total of four.

I have three questions:

  1. First, does $1800 sound high for the job?
  2. Second, do I really need to change the UV lamps?
  3. Third, can I use a MERV 12 filter in the air handlers?

1) Without doing a lot of research, I would say $1800 is probably a fair price. You can get a box of 6 17 X 26 X 4 MERV 12 pleated air filters for about $151.00 at Nordic Pure.

2) I’m not sure about the cost of the new UV lamps but I would expect them to be fairly expensive. Add labour and mark-up of parts and it sounds about right. If price is important you may be able to do better with another contractor.

UV lamps do need to be changed. The light intensity of UV lamps declines over time and they don’t perform as well. You would have to check with the manufacturer for their recommendations but yearly replacements are typical.

3) I think MERV 9 filters will do an adequate job especially when used with UV sterilizers. If you are finding there is too much dust then you could upgrade to MERV 12 filters. They will perform well but may need to be changed more often. Higher MERV filters have a greater impact on air flow and if duct systems are undersized could cause problems.



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