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A Carbon Air Filter is Your Best Option for Odor Control

A Carbon Air Filter is Your Best Option for Odor Control
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Often referred to as charcoal filters, an activated carbon air filter is the most effective option for removing common odors from household air. Installing one of these filters in your furnace or air conditioner can help eliminate pet odors, cigarette smoke, garbage odors and many other common household smells that we find unpleasant.

Natural Fresh Air Without Chemicals Or Sprays

Activated carbon air filters are especially useful for those who are sensitive to many of the unnatural air freshening solutions available, such as perfumes, oils and candles. These products mask odors but really don’t solve the problem. They only add more chemicals to the air which masks the problem and adds to the number of pollutants that we already have to deal with every day. A carbon air filter eliminates the need for chemicals or sprays which can cause allergic reactions. Many of us have chemical sensitivities and don’t even realize it.
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How An Activated Carbon Air Filter Works

Activated carbon is actually charcoal that has been put through a high heat process that causes millions of pores to form. This increases the surface area of the carbon immensely and creates pockets where gas molecules and particles are trapped. These pores form between the carbon atoms which results in a material that bonds very well with contaminants.

Pleated Carbon Air Filters

Carbon air filters are available in a pleated design for use in your furnace or air conditioner. The best carbon furnace filters available for use in your HVAC system have a MERV 8 rating and perform well. Although these filters perform well and are your best defence against odors they are not as good at removing dust as some of your more efficient pleated filter options. If odor control is important to you, pleated carbon filters are a very good solution and worth a try.

Pleated carbon filters are not commonly found in hardware stores but NordicPure.com is an online supplier with a large selection of carbon air filters. They supply direct replacements for Trion Air Bear, Trion Air Bear Cub, White Rodgers, Trane Perfect Fit, Space Gard, General, Honeywell, return air grill filters and standard filter sizes.

Charcoal has long been used for water and air purification because of it’s ability to adsorb chemical impurities and activated carbon filters have been used for a long time in commercial and industrial heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems. Activated carbon filtration is your best option when dealing with pet odors, gases and other odors.

About the author: Don has been working in the HVAC industry for more than 25 years and shares his experience and knowledge on this site. If you find the information presented here helpful please share with your friends.

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