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New chart to help compare air filters

New chart to help compare air filters
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One of the problems when trying to compare the different types of furnace filers available is thatcompare furnace filters there is quite a bit of information to sort through. When trying to compare efficiencies, brands, MERV ratings, price, characteristics and the types of filters available, you can suffer from information overload.

The first thing to do before sorting through all of the above information is to determine what type of air filter is best suited for your specific needs. After deciding on the type of filter you want to use then it is time to compare and review the filters of that type to make your decision.

I have compiled a chart to help compare air filters most commonly used in heating and air conditioning equipment. It lists some of the pros and cons of each of the common types of filters and also lists some important details of each type.

About the author: Don has been working in the HVAC industry for more than 25 years and shares his experience and knowledge on this site. If you find the information presented here helpful please share with your friends.

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