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Choosing An Appropriate Filter To Help Manage Dust Mite Allergens

Choosing An Appropriate Filter To Help Manage Dust Mite Allergens
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Dust mites are found in even the cleanest homes and there is really no way to rid ourselves of them entirely. It is not actually the dust mite itself that causes allergic reactions in many of us, its the feces and secretions that a dust mite leaves behind that we have allergic reactions to. Dust mite droppings cause skin irritations and breathing problems in many people. By reducing the number of dust mites in your home you will reduce the allergen levels as well. To further assist in controlling these allergens you should use a good dust mite filter in your central air conditioner or furnace.

There are many options when it comes to furnace filters but to control particle of this small size you need a very efficient filter. Dust mites feed on dead skin or dander from our bodies and the bodies of our pets.

When trying to control dust mites the best filters are:

For helping to control dust mites HEPA air filters are by far the best available at over 98% efficient. HEPA stands for High Efficient Particle Arresting. These air filters are usually used in equipment that is designed for use with these filters. When using these filters in your heating and air conditioning equipment there are some concerns that you should be aware of.

Electrostatic filters are one of the best options for dealing with dust mites. These air filters are usually over 90% efficient. There are a variety of electrostatic filters, but there are basically two different designs. One type uses electricity to activate the filtration process ( this is the type that generates ozone). The other type uses static electricity in the filtering process. This type does not generate ozone.

Electronic air filters are about 90% efficient when properly maintained. These filters are very effective at stopping dust mite allergens, bacteria, pollen and many other allergens. When properly maintained this type of air filter can last for the lifetime of your heating or air conditioning equipment.

Any of the air filters mentioned above would be suitable for a dust mite filter. As with most air filters they have their advantages and disadvantages. If you would like to learn more about these air filters check out some of the articles listed below.

About the author: Don has been working in the HVAC industry for more than 25 years and shares his experience and knowledge on this site. If you find the information presented here helpful please share with your friends.

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