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Merv Ratings For The BoAir 5 Stage Electrostatic Filter

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electrostatic-cutawayQuestion: What is the MERV Rating of the BoAir 5-Stage electrostatic filter?

Electrostatic Air Filters Don’t Have MERV Ratings

The BoAir 5-Stage electrostatic filter like all electrostatic air filters doesn’t have a MERV rating. MERV ratings are only used to rate media types of air filters such as pleated air filters and Hepa filters.

But if you compare the Arrestance rating of the BoAir 5-Stage electrostatic filter, which is over 95%, to media type filters with similar Arrestance ratings it is probably in the range of Merv 6 to Merv 9 filter.



p.s. A furnace filter with a Merv 8 rating is suitable for use in your air conditioning or heating system if you don’t suffer from allergies but if you require more efficient filtration to manage your allergies I would recommend a MERV 10 to 13 pleated filter.

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