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Selecting A Filter To Use In Your Home

Selecting A Filter To Use In Your Home
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When selecting an air filter for home use it is important to determine what your objectives are. There are many different types of home furnace filters to choose from. Some air filters are very efficient and stop the smallest of particles while others are very inefficient and are a total waste of your hard earned money.

The least efficient filters available can be purchased at your local home improvement store. These home furnace filters are of little value to you or your heating or air conditioning system. They perform very poorly and most dust passes through and returns to your home or settles in the duct system.

The absolute best air filter for home use, if you need a very high level of dust control, are systems which incorporate several types of filters to handle odor and dust. Some also use uv lamps which kill airborne bacteria. UV lamps for the home are mounted in the duct system or inside an enclosure to prevent human exposure.

When replacing home air filters, one of the easiest ways to compare home air filters is to hold them up and look into them. If you can see through the filter, it will not stop much dust.

A very common type of air filter for home use is the electrostatic air filter. This is a reusable filter, which you have to clean when it becomes clogged with dust. You remove it from your furnace and wash it out using a garden hose or laundry tub. This is a good air filter for home air quality improvement if you are looking for greater dust control but don’t require extreme control.

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