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Trane Filters – Does Brand Really Matter?

Trane Filters – Does Brand Really Matter?
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Exactly What Are The Requirements for Trane Equipment

When preparing to change Trane furnace filters many people feel they can’t replace Trane furnace filters with another brand. This is absolutely not the case. When shopping for a replacement furnace filter for your HVAC equipment you can use any brand that you want.

When replacing Trane furnace filters you should really be looking for an air filter that meets your needs not one that has a brand name attached it.

There are three things to consider when selecting or replacing trane furnace filters:

1)Type of Furnace Filter: Which type of furnace filter would serve you best? Pleated, media, electrostatic, electronic or HEPA.

2) Filter Size: What size furnace filter are you currently using? Like all others, Trane furnace filters are not a perfect fit. Furnace filter dimensions are usually about half an inch smaller than the filter rack that they mount in. This is to allow for size differences between manufacturers.

3)Filter Efficiency and Effectiveness: The various types of Trane furnace filters, like all others, perform better in some applications than others. To get a good overview of the different types of filters available and determine the weaknesses and strengths of each visit some of our other resources. Review some of your whole house furnace filter options. These are as good as any of the Trane Furnace Filters available.




You can buy any of these furnace filters to fit air handlers of any size. Washable a/c filters are becoming very popular and are among the most efficient furnace filters available.

Trane furnace filters are no better or worse than most others. Most air conditioning contractors will not usually choose Trane furnace filters over other brands, even for a Trane air conditioner.

About the author: Don has been working in the HVAC industry for more than 25 years and shares his experience and knowledge on this site. If you find the information presented here helpful please share with your friends.

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